Imprimerie Ste-Julie wins two Gutenberg, including one for a shrink sleeve project

Tuesday May 17, 2016

The expertise of Imprimerie Ste-Julie was recognized at the Gutenberg Gala which was held on May 12th at the Montreal Science Centre, as the company won two coveted trophies in the « Technical Challenge – Flexible Packaging » and «  Innovation Challenge – Labels » categories. This is a true victory for Imprimerie Ste-Julie, who finds itself rewarded for a project that involved the latest technology: the shrink sleeve.

The shrink sleeve impresses

The shrink sleeve that earned Imprimerie Ste-Julie honors was designed for the company’s 40th anniversary. The sleeve was applied on sparkling wine bottles that were presented during the celebration   that was held in autumn 2015. Several printing techniques had to be involved in order to obtain the final result. The paper was first printed, in colors and white, on a HP 6600 digital press. A silver PMS was then printed in flexography in order to add the pearl effect. A perforation was also done at the same time. The team then applied a glossy varnish, then invisible fluorescent ink (black light) and finally a layer of gilding in stamping.


Creating such a label represents, of course, a real technical challenge, but the team at Imprimerie Ste-Julie is never afraid of pushing back the boundaries of imagination in order to create a printed product that will allow its customers to stand out on a shelf.


« We were already very proud of the effect that the bottles had during the anniversary celebration. The price that we won before the entire Quebec printing industry clearly shows the potential that is offered by the shrink sleeve technology, mainly the possibility of creating a design over 360°, completely covering the container. The visual effect of the shrink sleeve is already beautiful in digital printing; by adding other processes, we can allow our customers to really stand out on the shelves » say Caroline and Marilène Fournier, company leaders.  With digital printing, it is possible to print small quantities of shrink sleeves, which makes it possible to customize the design of all containers. For example, one could choose to change the color of one specific visual element.


An innovative label

The second trophy was won for a project with Sanofi-Aventis Canada, who wanted an adhesive label, applied on a document that had an adhesive detachable portion that would later be applied on a pencil with a round and rough surface.


Flexography printing, digital printing, as well as cutting and lamination processes, allowed us to obtain an optimal result.


Imprimerie Ste-Julie

Imprimerie Ste-Julie was founded in 1975 by Mr. Jean-Maurice Fournier. Today, his two daughters, Marilène and Caroline, run the company with more than 80 employees. They perpetuate the work of their father and constantly push back the boundaries of innovation in the field of printed labels.


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